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Testimonials - Exerps taken from our guest book

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      Annually, we donate a week at our home to various charites to be used at their major annual

  banquet  and fund raiser in their Silent Auction Program.  The organizations that have been the

  beneficiary of our donaton include, St. Judes Children Hospitals, Avow Hospice, Marco Island  

  F lorida Center for the Arts and the American Cancer Society, to name some.


     We enjoy sharing our home with guests and feel proud of our home when reading

  their comments in our guest book and hearing that they enjoyed their stay.  Some exerpts are

  noted below.


  Jeanne and Dave Rice          



    "So much more than I expected....far exceeds the imagination!  The drive here was a teaser and 

    the arriving to a lit home, warm, inviting and a bottle of bubbly with a congrats on our wedding!!!

    How sweet !. Thanks again...we are so dearly blessed.

    Robyn, Nebraska

   "Sometimes it's a little scary going to a place sight unseen, but, we were ever so surprised to

    find such a perfect place!  It surpassed our expectations and can't wait to come back."

    The Harris Family

    "What a beautiful home you have made.  The house is so cozy we were instantly comfortable.

    There so much to do in the area and we did it all - what fun our family had."

    The Langdon's - Chadds Ford, Pa

    "We have had the best Thanksgiving ever.  This place is majestic, enchanting and truly a

     Gem.  We loved the decor and the kitchen is better equiped than mine."

     The Mancusi's, Tampa, Fl

    "Our third visit!! The summer view is even more breathtaking than our fall and winter visits."

    The Smith's, Norwalk, Ct.

    "My family has had a great time.  My twin and I love the way you set up the star spangled guest  

     room, it's perfect for us.  It is like we have our own rooms."

     From Natallie, Age 13, Kansas

    "We enjoyed our New Years retreat immensely. What a spectacular home. We could not have

    asked for more and definitely want to come back."

    The Lindlers, Columbus, South Carolina

    "The waterfalls are beautiful and yours is a little slice of heaven in your own back yard.  You

    also win our best stocked kitchen award.

    The Eisenacl's, Kansas

    "Very beautiful and relaxing.  This has to be one of our best vacations ever."

    The Sorclner's - Keller, Tx.

    "All the stress left the moment we arrived - just georgeous."

    The Gandy's, Hattiesburg, Ms.


    "We are very thankful for the level of comfort and luxury that you have combined into one 

    very peaceful, pleasnat home."

    The Jone's, Ponte Verdra Bech, Fl


    "Our 3 boys had a blast.  They particularly enjoyed tubing on Lake Glenville.  They neven 

    named the chipmunks "Chip and Dale."

    The Warstler's, Charlotte, NC

 INFORMATION:      *  Our nights at 4000 + feet above sea level are generaly cool to cold, but, just in case Mother Nature deals us a "hot spell", a window AC unit has been added to the Master Bedroom and fans are available in the 2 bedroms with a ceilling fan in the living room..  


  • Towels and Face Cloths
  • Soaps -  (Personal., Laundry, House Cleaning etc.)
  • ***Paper Products (Toilet tissue, napkins, paper towels, paper plates, garbage bags)
  •                                      Bathrooms are supplied with a fresh roll of toilet paper and soap 
  •                                      upon   arrival.
  • ***Condiments and cooking staples -guests are welcome to use those found in the kitchen cabinets.  It is appriciated that you replace what is used for the benefit of the next guest.
  • Food and beverages
  • An outdoor grill is provided.  In case of running out of gas...the cannister can be refilled in Cashiers @Zoller Hardware, 828-743-5001,  Hwy 107.
  • Outdoor fireplace logs - available in grocery stores, hardware stores and quick stops


  • Place all garbage in garbage bags before placing in containers
  • Secure the lid on containers to prevent animal intrusion
  • Garbage picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays..., early AM.



  • Our home is a NON SMOKING, NO PET HOME for the health comfort of our guests
  • Accommodations are for 6 persons in 3 bedrooms with 2 full baths

Arrivals & Departures unless agreed to in advance - check in time is 3 PM and Check out time is

          10 AM.  Timeliness is expected to permit cleaning and preparation for the next guest.

Address - 9318 Cullowhee Mountain Rd, Cullowhee, NC 28723

Telephone Service      

  • Home # - 828-743-9925
  • Local Service available.
  • Long distance service is FREE for all guests INCLUDING CANADA.  International calls outside the U.S. and Canada must be billed to clients credit card.
  • Cellular phones may or may not work at the home based on the guests service provider, but will operate when driving a short way in either direction.  A simple cure is to have all cell phone calls transferrd to the house phone.
  • An answereing device is located in the office on the credenza.

Depending on the time of year, you may find the water is OFF.  If so, the breaker box is located on the wall behind a tapestry in the hall between the kitchen and the master bedroom.  Breaker is clearly marked and simply switch it on.  Water is supplied by a well and water conservation is appreciated.

The Hot Water Heater is located in the closet just outside the master bedroom.  The on/off switch is located ajacent to the heater on the left.

Waste Disposal - All mountain homes are serviced by septic systems and our home has the recommended full service every 2 years.  Care must be taken, especially with children, and any unfortunate situation of flushing an item that should not be....if it ocurrs and there is any back up, call owner and a plumber will be dispatched in a timely manner.  If the stopage cause is inappropriate use by tenant, repair bill will be deducted from the damage deposit or billed directly to the tenant.

Internet - High Speed Internet access is available in the office on the credenza top for easy plugging in to your lap top.  

If needed, electric baseboard heat is available in the master bedroom and sun room as well as a gas heater and gas logs in the living room.  Follow directions on gas heater unit.  To activate fireplace – lift lower grill and inside are full instructions.  The gas heater in the living room is more than sufficient to heat the home to your comfort without ue of the electric baseboard heaters.


Power outages have not been an issue, however, it is possible due to vehicle accidents, trees falling or in winter, ice accumulations.  If it ocurrs, calling the electric company to report is recommended.  Duke Energy 1-800-769-3766.

If experiencing an unusual heat wave, (unusual for our elevation) portable fans are available in bedroom closets and easily installed in windows.  

At some 4000 feet above sea level, you will find it takes longer to boil water, cook, bake and dry clothes in the dryer.

Outdoor Patio Fire Place - *** Purchase of kindling and firewood can be obtianed in Cashiers at markets and hardware stores.They come in small packets.  Do not use logs and sticks from property as they bleed sap and clog the flume.  Please clean out ashes and lartially burned logs when completed use, bag and place debris in trash bags and place in the ooutdoor trash cans.  Security Deposit will be reduced by $25.00 should the fireplace not be cleaned properly for the next guest.

Camp Fires
Adjacent to the upper gazebo there is an area for a camp fire.  There is a fire pail hung on the
gazebo which we recommend having full and available in case the fire gets out of hand.  Do not leave an active fire or hot embers unattended, put out with water to avoid any possibility of a forest fire.  Firewood and kindling can be purchased in town in small quantities.


The home is professionally cleaned before all arrivals.  Being in the mountains, one must expect

dust and in certain times of year pollen.  Allergies must be planned for in mountain environments.
Basic cleaning supplies may be found under the sink, cupboard and in the supply closet in the hall outside the master bedroom.   Please use as needed or purchase those you prefer using.

Extra linens are located in the bedroom and linen closet in the hallway, including sheets, blankets and pillows.


Our kitchen is well supplied with ample dishwear, glasses, silverwear, steak knives, cooking utensels, serving dishes, pots and pans, coffee maker, toaster and vegetable steamer,

to name some specifics.  Stainless Steel Refrigerator, double doors with easy access ice and water dispenser built in the door, plus lower pull our freezer drawer and matching stainless dishwasher.

We appreciate renter recommendtions to maintain our goal of a well equipped kitchen.

Satellite TV’s Operation

  • Press SAT, then Power (Green light will come on the “black box”)
  • Press TV, then power
  • Press SAT again, and then change volume and channels as needed

Major Food Shopping
Ingels Market located in Cashiers approximately 11 miles from the house (1mile east of the Cashiers Crossroads)

Note:  We are located in a WET COUNTY and sale or serving of alcoholic beverages iS PERMITTED.

Stove & Oven Instructions

  • STOVE - Top Burners  Turn knob to “LIGHT” setting until you hear the igniter CLICKING. Once lit, turn knob to STOP THE CLICKING. Adjust flame as  needed.
  • OVEN – Press BAKE button.  Adjust temperature to desired temperature by pressing arrow buttons, then press START.

Home Entertainment

  • Video’s are located in the cabinet under the living room TV – VCR’s are located in the Living Room & Master Bedroom
  • Parlor Games and Puzzles are located in closet adjacent to front door and in the Americana Guest Room on the second floor along with an extensive supply of books.
  • Bird life is abundant and enjoyable to watch from the sun room.  There are several bird feeders and should you be so inclined, feed can be purchase down town if needed.  


Walking on mountain terrain and in streams and waterall areas can be potentially dangerous as the footing can be affected by stones, slippery conditions, protrusions, stumps and unseen depressions covered by leaves and grasses.  Particular care is highly recommended on exterior stairs and wet stones.  Wet conditions in the area cause slippery surfaces and moss buildup. 


      *  Our nights are cool to cold, but, just in case Mother Nature deals us a "hot spell", awindow AC unit has been added to the Master Bedroom and Guest Bedrooms have window fans available.